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Since its foundation, FOGAL has carefully curated its almost century-long reputation as an expert purveyor of luxury hosiery goods.

The Brand

Fogal was established in 1921 by its founder, Mr. Léon Fogal who opened the first Fogal boutique in Switzerland.

Driven by a spirit of innovation and a fierce desire to develop Swiss quality products, Léon Fogal launched his own production and embarked on a most ambitious exercise – integrating natural fibres such as cashmere and silk into what would become the most luxurious stockings, socks and tights in the world.

The brand became a global player in the legwear industry, distinguishing itself by creating collections with innovative style and myriad color. Fogal furthered its development by opening flagship stores in New York, Paris and Milan while distributing internationally in such prestigious department stores as Harrods, Saks Fifth Avenue and Mitsukoshi, to name but a few.

meet the owners fogal margaux burrus and edouard burrus

Meet the owners

In early 2017, the entrepreneur couple, Edouard and Margaux Burrus, took over Fogal. Touched by the soul, elegance and heritage of the brand, they decided to give a new financial and creative energy to this storied Swiss classic.

Now more than ever, Fogal celebrates women’s legs and remains a symbol of elegance and coquetry. Pantyhose have become the ever-so comfortable, ever-so appealing, must-have accessory in every woman’s wardrobe.

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