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The Guide to Longevity – 7 Golden Rules to Avoid Ladders

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Choose the correct size. This is by no means trivial! Hosiery sizes will often not correspond to clothing sizes. The S, M and L indications in pantyhoses equally refer to both width and length. In other words: tall, long-legged women should choose size L.

The smoother the nails and the softer the hands, the lower the risk of laddering when putting on the pantyhoses. For expensive nylon pantyhoses, cotton gloves are a must.

They easily get forgotten: the feet. The same applies here as for the hands: file for the nails, cream for the skin.

Quality is critical. Check for these: are toe, heel and waistband reinforced?FOGAL uses highly spun yarns and 3D technology which integrates an elastic LYCRA® thread in each mesh. Both increase longevity enormously.

The degree of sheerness is defined by yarn strength: the sheerer, the more delicate. Ultra sheer pantyhoses are 8 to 12 denier, sheer tights 12 to 20 denier. The semi-opaque styles will be 20 to 50 denier and the most resistant tights are opaque at 50 to 100 denier.

Patterned tights appear delicate but will often prove more resistant than the classic circular knit with elastane. The reason for this is that netting or lace admittedly may form small holes but no ladders when you snag them. These can often be repaired invisibly – like the FOGAL LACE tights.

Avoid all natural enemies of sheer pantyhoses – or at least try and contain them. This applies to playful cats and dogs. And there is only one thing you can do about non-concealed zippers on skirts or unvarnished chair legs: be careful.


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