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Shades Of Colour Semi Opaque

“Sfumato” is the term given to Leonardo da Vinci’s mastery of soft contours and shadows tinged with colourful incandescence. When the leaves start to change colour and first fog rises in the morning light, Madame Fogal swaps her light hosiery for Leonardo’s alluring sfumato: preferably transparent, semi-opaque knits (30 denier) in muted tones. Madame Fogal is always in favour of sophisticated simplicity, such as matching hosiery with a plain shift dress. It flatters her silhouette and coplements her contours. Fogal’s palette of tulipe noir, plum, barolo, brasil, loden and midnight provides interesting shades that reflect her wardrobe’s change of colour.

Advice: Start off with darker shades. Enjoy the complements and once you have the confidence, try out bolder colours. Shoes in classic black and brown and a matching handbag are suitable accessories for darker tones


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